Job Audition for Jasmine Ryder gets “Handsy”

Filipina Jasmine Ryder willing to do whatever it takes to get the job!

When Jasmine Ryder heard there was a new job opening for an “executive assistant” for a high-powered media tycoon, she couldn’t wait to put herself in the ring and show off what skills she had. Coming from a hard-working Filipino family, this busty Filipina knew exactly how to get attention and “get the job done.”

She thought things seemed a little “off” when the audition took place on a bed, but when Chuck, gave Jasmine the low down on what the job entailed, it all made sense! Already excited for the audition, when Jasmine found out there was a $250,000 signing bonus she knew there would be no limits to what she would do!

You see, Chuck is so damned busy being a media tycoon that he has no time to date. He doesn’t even have time to jerk off! That’s where Jasmine comes in, and both her hands were eager to please the chief.

Will Jasmine get the job? There’s only one way to find out, watch the Jasmine Ryder handjob audition at Tug Casting!